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It is mainly used for charging and publicity of the company's supporting charging pile operation platform. It is a concentrated expression of the functions of convenient charging for customers, charging piles, charging order inquiry, and marketing activities promotion. The APP is small in size, multi-functional, concise and easy to use. feature.

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Provide new energy vehicle owners with pile-finding, navigation, and charging services.Effectively solves four unifying problems
Unified planning: The unified planning of the layout of charging facilities avoids blind construction in various parts of the group.
Unified release: The platform provides a unified charging service entrance to realize one-stop search of charging facilities. Charging users in various regions of the group can use one APP to complete all operations, and finally achieve easy charging and charging.
Unified management: Through the effective management of the platform, the group is monitored in real time.
Unified construction: The charging data group conducts centralized analysis to provide an effective data basis for the construction of charging stations.

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